About Us

Built log-by-log in the Spring of 1982 by the proprietor's late father, The Cabin Collinwood is a country home with all the modern amenities you'd expect. The Cabin was built in the early infancy of the log-home craze, which has become a lifestyle unto its own over the advancing years. From its dovetail corners and creaky wood floors, to the natural wildlife and birds---the effect is that of living in a tree-house!

A Fish This Big!

Get away from everything for that hike in the woods in some of the best parks in the nation, visit nearby rivers, check out local antiques and flea markets, relax with a huge library of in-house movies, and take some great naps! If you can't quite "cut the cord" during your stay, our free Wi-Fi will help to keep you connected. The Cabin Collinwood is all about casual comfort on a heavily-wooded lot in a small private subdivision. It's a great place to experience both country and city living whether you hop onto nearby I-55 and head south to get further away from it all (and to some great historic areas), or head to the city for all that St. Louis has to offer! We'll even help plan your itinerary start to finish!


"It always amazes me how quickly I can transition into a relaxed state & begin to enjoy the enchantment of Collinwood. A unique place --- a treasured experience."

                                                                      Michael Desmond

"The Cabin is beautiful and its closeness to the trees and critters gave us a peaceful place to enjoy during the very chaotic and stressful experience of building our home...Thank You Jeffrey!"                     

                                                                     The Yost Family

"The Cabin Collinwood has been a most enjoyable place to live while attending to business in St. Louis. It has a symbiotic relationship to its surroundings and reminds one how beautiful nature is! How magical! The weather has offered chill, rain, sun & warmth and the atmosphere has left me with a smile and unforgettable memories!"

                                                                      Paul Burn

"We spent a wonderful time here! It's am amazing, relaxing, and wonderful place. The Cabin is so rustic & authentic -- thank you for the amazing experience. We are sure to return soon---it's been a blast!"

                                                                      The Cole Crew

"A wonderful time as always! Filled with great food, great laughs, & great friends. Can't wait to come back!"

                                                                      Hillary Desmond